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Electro-Magnetic Brakes

The hoist features ELECTRO-MAGNETIC BRAKES for maximum safety. Each device is tested and serialized before being put into service.

Ground Enclosures

The GROUND ENCLOSURE is built of heavy-duty steel with the overhead access door interlocked both mechanically and electronically to the hoist. The enclosure prevents entry at ground level until the hoist has returned.

Overload Protection Device

The OVERLOAD PROTECTION DEVICE eliminates any operator guesswork and, as a result, greatly reduces expensive service calls, down time, and damage to the hoist.

Safety Landing Doors

SAFETY LANDING DOORS are both mechanically and electronically tied into the hoist. This functionality assures that the SAFETY LANDING DOORS will not open unless the hoist is at the stop. 

American Construction Hoist has the unique NEXT STOP FUNCTION.  The Next Stop Function saves the contractor
time and provides a smoother ride for the personnel and materials.

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