Buck Hoist:  A temporary elevator usually erected on the outside of a building that is under construction or repair. Buck Hoist also may be erected inside a building or plant, Buckhoist are used to vertically lift heavy and bulky loads and personnel. Buck Hoist may also be installed on a permanent basis. This often occurs on power plants and other industrial sites.

Buck hoist also known as temporary elevators, personnel hoist or construction elevator, these hoists are used on large scale multistory construction projects, power plants and other manufacturing and production facilities. The primary purpose of a buck hoist is to lift and carry personnel, materials and equipment between ground level, middle and upper floors of a building. There are three different types of buck hoists, material hoists, personnel hoists and personnel and material hoists which can lift both material and personnel.

Buck hoists are available in single or dual car configurations. The car or (cages) travel vertically along an erected mast tower. The mast tower is attached to the structure or building for stability. Buck hoists use a motorized rack-and-pinion operating system that allows for precise travel control between the tower sections.

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