What is the benefit of a variable speed construction hoist verses a direct drive hoist?

  • Variable speed motor and drive operates smoother than a direct drive lift and requires less maintenance. 

How fast will a Buck Hoist go?

  • Our buckhoists are capable of lifting 6,450 lbs. up to 550 feet at 340 fpm (feet per minute). Compared to a man lift or material hoist that use a direct drive lift travel half this speed. 

Electrical Questions:

What are hoist elevator power requirements?

  • 480 V 3-Phrase, 125 amps, 60 Hertz dedicated power source. Please contact us at 502-551-6359 for other power source questions.

Safety Questions:

Do elevator regulations and inspections apply to personnel and material buck hoist?

  • Separate regulations and inspections apply to personnel and material buckhoist systems. The state elevator inspector is also responsible for issuing permits for the hoist equipment. 

How will I know when the buck hoist is deemed safe and ready for operations?

  • In addition to passing governmental inspections, MAX Hoist personnel will conduct a thorough final inspection as well as test operations of the buck hoist before certifying its' safety. We also test the electrical and braking systems as well as a drop test. 

What is a drop test?

  • After a buckhoist system has been erected MAX Hoist personnel will conduct a test known as a drop test. First, we load the hoist car with a specific payload, raise it to the specific height, and the release it. The drop test is successful when the emergency braking systems engages and stops the car. 

Equipment Handling Questions:

How long will it take to erect a buck hoist system?

  • Erection can take as little as two or three days if the concrete base pad, electrical systems are in place, and crane time has been scheduled.

Do you offer erection and dismantling training so that our personnel can learn how to erect and dismantle our company owned buck hoist?

  • Yes, in addition to training, we offer maintenance and inspection services to ensure that your company owned buckhoist is maintained properly. 

​​General Information Questions:

What kinds of buckhoists do you offer for sale or rent?

  •  MAX Hoist, Inc. offers regular and high-speed buck hoists for sale and rent. We offer two models: Model 2840HS and 2740RS. ​


How quickly can I get a buck hoist delivered?

  • If you need a buckhoist system quickly, call our office at (502)-551-6359 to immediately schedule your hoist rental.

What are the frequently used buck hoist setups?

  • Buckhoist can be set in a Single or Dual car configurations (see description on Home page under Hoist and Services). Projects can have multiple erected buck hoists depending on the size and duration of the project and job site. 

Engineering and Inspection Questions:

​What engineering / drawings are needed to erect a personnel and material buck hoist?

  • Two potential drawings are needed and those are the concrete pad and the attachments to the building. MAX Hoist personnel and engineers can provide these specifications and drawings. 

What licenses, permits, inspections are needed to erect and operate a buck hoist on a construction site? 

  • Each governmental entity; be it state, county, parish, etc...has different regulations MAX Hoist personnel can provide these based on the job site addresses. Submit a Request a Quote or contact us at quotes@maxhoist.com with the job site addresses. 

MAX Hoist, Inc. Commonly Asked Questions 

Single Car Pad

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Dual Car Pad

What does a construction elevator (also known as Buck Hoist) look like?​​

Erection Site / Concrete Pad Questions:

Is there a specific type of base pad required for the foundation?

  • A concrete base pad is required. Engineered designed with another means of support may be used, but it must meet specific requirements. Contact our office at (502)-551-6359 to learn more details. 

What are the minimum concrete base pad size requirements?

  • The site of the concrete base depends on the buckhoist equipment's size and the number of cars. The typical size for a single car buck hoist's base pad is 10'x 14' while a dual car hoist's pad typically measures 16' x 14' with a thickness of 12 inches. 

Buck Hoist Specifications:

2840 HS2740 RS
Capacity(payload) 6,450 pounds(payload) 6,000 pounds


340 feet per minute 160 feet per minute 
Door Sizes 1 @ 10'2" x 6'8" & 2 @ 5'4" x 13'1"

4'8" x 6'8"

Cage Size 5'6" x 13'1"4'11" x 13'1"
OptionsVarious door configurationsN/A