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Personnel and Material Hoist Rentals

We offer comprehensive construction hoist rental services from coast to coast including:

  • Single Car Hoist

  • Dual Car Hoist

  • Material Only Hoist

Personnel and Material Hoist Sales
American Construction Hoist has provided Sales and Installation of Personnel and Material Hoist on many Industrial and Construction Sites. Regardless of Permanent or Temporary positioning our Erection Services will meet your needs. We will provide complete support and design of our Personnel and Material Hoist purchase proposal.

Personnel and Material Hoist Repair Service
We have an unrivaled experience record of supplying temporary and permanent installation of Personnel and Material Hoist on both large and small scale projects, including many short term turn-around maintenance projects on power plants and industrial facilities. We offer fully integrated buck hoist engineering, erection, training and dismantlin services. 

Personnel and Material Hoist Jumps
American Construction Hoist Technicians have practical experience with jumping hoist. Hoist jumps are when a hoist needs to be erected to service a higher or lower floor. Often hoist are erected to a mid-level of a construction project and then later "jumped to a higher floor level" as the steel is erected.

Personnel and Material Hoist Erection & Dismantling
American Construction Hoist Technicians will develop a complete plan for erecting and dismantling the hoist. They will take into account the site specific layout, supporting surface requirements, crane setup, local work rules and regulations. After analysis of these and many other factors the technicians will erect or dismantle your hoist in an efficient and safe manner.

Personnel and Material Hoist Drop Test, State ​& Local Certifications
American Construction Hoist Technicians thoroughly prepares the hoist for the certification examination, meets and works with the state or local examiner to obtain the permits needed for the contractor to operate the hoist safely and within code.

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